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Drew Moenter currently works to support client services as a financial associate in our Batesville, Indiana office. Right now, he is a United States Air Force pilot and part of an Air Force internship program designed to help phase him out of the military and enter civilian life. Starting in mid-May of 2022, he will be joining the Air Force Reserve as a part-time admissions liaison officer where his duties will be to process and interview ROTC and Air Force Academy applicants.

This change will allow him to continue serving as a major in the Air Force while chasing his true passion of working full-time for Giesting Financial as a financial professional. “I am excited to have this way to continue serving and staying connected to the people I have served with,” he says. Drew has his Series 65 registration. He is also working toward his ChFC® (Chartered Financial Consultant) and CFP® (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PROFESSIONAL™) designations.

Drew’s career move into financial services makes sense for him. In fact, for the last four to five years, he has had a passion and a calling to help people with financial matters. On base, he taught Dave Ramsey classes to young airmen to help them make better decisions about what to do with their first paychecks. And while stationed in South Dakota, he taught finance classes to underprivileged adults in the surrounding community as a volunteer at Love INC.

Drew received a Bachelor of Science degree in aeronautical engineering from Purdue University in 2010. As part of his AFROTC (Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps) scholarship, he entered the Air Force after he graduated; he also married his high school sweetheart, Candace, that year.

After earning his pilot rating where he spent his 100-hour+ “time in the seat,” he became an instructor pilot for the T-6 aircraft. At Sheppard Air Force base, he was part of ENJJPT (Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training), the world’s only multi-nationally manned and managed flying training program chartered to produce combat pilots for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization).

There Drew met and trained young pilots from all over the world, including Italy, Norway, Germany and many other countries which are members of NATO. For the last five years, he has been a pilot in the B-1 bomber where he had two deployments and again achieved the designation of instructor pilot. Shown here is an inflight B-1 refuel maneuver.

As if his Air Force duties weren’t enough, Drew managed to complete his MBA degree in 2015, and he and his wife have three children, Addison, age 6, Benjamin, age 2, and newborn, Molly, who arrived December 21, 2021.

Drew grew up in Terre Haute, Indiana, but his parents are from Batesville, moving back recently to be closer to their parents (Drew’s grandparents). Drew feels he has come home, especially since he and his wife recently joined a local church and plan to get involved in the community. Both love the outdoors and go camping and hiking whenever they get the chance.