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Here is What To Expect
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Most financial advisors you meet with are typically going to start the conversation around your financial assets—what you have and where your money is invested. Your accounts and your amounts. The primary focus for these advisors is return on investment. Our approach is different. Our focus is on you—your financial story and present and future considerations. Money, after all, is only a tool, but if it is used wisely, can help improve our lives. Our goal is to help you get a better Return on Life—living the best life possible with the money you have. That includes helping you make good choices that work for your unique circumstances.

The Easy, Five-Step

Life Compass Process


Getting to Know You

Schedule a meeting to sit down with us so we can discover what your financial goals and dreams are at every stage of life, including what your ideal retirement looks like. Together, we’ll explore your “Fiscalosophy,” uncovering your philosophy and beliefs about money and how you arrived at your current money perspectives and comfort level.


Building Your Plan

Our plans are designed to solve your problems. Your customized Life Compass plan will help you reach your unique goals and aspirations at each stage of your life journey while protecting you from adverse life events.


Taking Action

Upon your approval we will work to implement every aspect of the strategies contained in your plan.


Measuring and Adjusting

Rest assured that throughout the process, we will be partners to track progress on the objectives we set together with accountability on both sides. Your financial plan has a starting destination, but will require adjustments to stay the course based on economic conditions and your changing personal life circumstances.


Achieving and Rediscovering

To address your dynamic and ever-changing life through the years, we will review your plan to uncover and address needed adjustments for your short- and long-term goals. We will update your financial plan on a regular basis based on your most current life objectives. We will address specific retirement issues as you get closer to your desired retirement age.
We only succeed if you succeed in achieving your aspirations. Our duty is to provide sound advice for each stage of your life to help you reach your financial objectives and live your life the way you intend to.

The Life Compass Process Answers the

3 Biggest Questions About Money.

1. Your Past

How did I arrive at my perspectives on money? What’s my belief / philosophy about money? What is my current comfort level with it?

2. Your Present

Am I managing my money in a way that is improving my life? How satisfied am I with life? Is money helping me to improve my life?

3. Your Future

Am I financially prepared for life’s big transitions? What life transitions am I currently experiencing? What are the life events coming up in my future?