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Looking for something fun to do with the family? We have some ideas for you!

Summer is almost here! As temperatures rise and schools empty, you might be looking for some fun things to do with all of your free time. Whether you’re dipping your toes to feel out the water or you’re cannon-balling into the deep end, it always helps to have a plan. Here are some ideas to fill up your calendar:

  1. Take a trip

One of the most popular summer activities is vacationing, and rightfully so. Getting out of town to visit another part of the country or the world is so much fun, and you might even be able to find some better weather. You can visit a reliable vacation destination, or you can try a brand-new spot, opening your eyes to new cultures, ways of life and styles. The best part about vacations is that you can tailor them to your tastes. You can travel with family, with friends or solo!

  1. Check out local events

Concerts and sporting events dominate the summertime, and nothing is more exciting than a sunset, a cold drink and a great show. You can visit ticketing websites online to see which concerts or shows are coming to your town, or you can check with your local sports teams to see which compelling matchups are ahead. Communities also host events for residents that give you a chance to meet new people and try new activities. You can typically find announcements online or through social groups around the city.

  1. Try new restaurants

One of the best ways to get more in touch with your community is by trying everything it has to offer. New restaurants are always taking over new locations or inhabiting newly constructed buildings, so you’ll never run out of fresh places to try. Every city also has its signature dish, which is something you can incorporate into your mission. Who has the best New York-style pizza, the best tacos or the best barbecue? Only you can decide!

  1. Explore your area

Summer is the perfect time to check out new places in your area. Are there parks you’ve been dying to visit or hikes you’ve been building your summer body to withstand? Many smaller towns also have excellent areas for outdoor shopping, and downtown or historical parts of the city can have recurring events like farmers markets or live music. If you’ve ever wanted to be the friend who knows all of the best spots in town when looking for a fun weekend activity, there is no better season than summer to study up!