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At long last, a new member of the Giesting Financial family has arrived!

The Giesting Financial family has a new member, and we couldn’t be more excited! On March 14, Hayes Eugene Belter, son of our very own operations associate Josie Belter, was born perfectly healthy and ready to take on the world at nine pounds, 11.2 ounces and 19.5 inches long. We are beyond thrilled that he was delivered in great health and even greater spirits, and little does he know, he’s already so beloved by our entire office.

Hayes Eugene Belter

Hayes is now comfortable at home with Josie and her husband Brandon, whose first son, Tripp, is right on the edge of turning two years old. Still not entirely sure how to manage his new role as a big brother, Tripp has been giving it his best shot, already engaged in full conversations with his built-in best friend and trying to get him into his own interests. Soon enough, with a little bit of Tripp’s help, Hayes might be driving his own tractor and helping his dad on the family farm.

We’d like to enthusiastically congratulate Josie, Brandon and Tripp on the beautiful new addition to their family, and we can’t wait to see the milestones he hits and the memories he makes. To learn more about Josie, you can read our spotlight piece from last year by clicking right here.