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Meet Josie Belter, Giesting Financial’s newest operations associate. Josie works at the front desk of the main entry at our Batesville location. Her duties include fielding phone calls, scheduling meetings with our advisors in Batesville and handling client service requests as needed.

Josie is excited about her career change into the financial services industry. Since studying a year at Indiana State University, then transferring to receive the equivalent of an associate’s degree in education from IUPUI (Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis), she worked as a behavioral specialist with special needs students for four years at Batesville Primary School before joining Giesting Financial.

“I felt like it was the right time for me to change careers, and I am enjoying this opportunity to learn something entirely different,” Josie says. While investing, financial planning and retirement planning are new and exciting to her, one thing that remains the same about Josie is that she loves helping people, which makes her perfect for the position at Giesting.

Josie grew up in North Vernon, Indiana, with four brothers and sisters. The family moved to Batesville in 2012. One year later, at age 15, she met her future husband, Brandon Belter, and the high school sweethearts have been together ever since.

Josie and Brandon’s relationship in the last two years has been a whirlwind of life-changing events. First, they got married in 2020. “It was the height of the pandemic, and we had to re-plan and re-do our wedding COVID-style, which meant multiple times. Our first venue cancelled. When we were finally able to get married in May, we had to limit the number of guests to a maximum of 15 people. Our original guest list was 800—we have a big Catholic family! Ultimately, we had a reception in September of 2020 in a venue that would allow us to have 250,” Josie says.

A year after getting married, the couple welcomed the newest love of their lives, Tripp, to the family.

With a new job and new baby, Josie stays very busy. She loves to cook and bake, and she and Brandon plan on having a big family. What she enjoys most about her life when she’s not at work is being a wife and mom and helping Brandon in whatever ways she can.

Brandon can “fix anything,” and he works during the daytime as a mechanic who keeps the truck fleet running at Batesville Logistics. He loves to hunt, and his hobby is riding off-road dirt bikes which he’s been doing since he was young. (His next scheduled riding trip is to the mountains of West Virginia.)

His “second job” during evenings and weekends is helping out as much as possible on his grandparents’ farm. Most years, the family plants and harvests 600+ acres of soybeans.

As a hobby, Brandon’s father raises a small head of cattle. Here are some of the spring calves this year.

One of the things that the family loves to do is walk together, looping all the way around and back on the pasture, especially now that the weather is getting nice. Farming is a passion of Brandon’s and he hopes one day to have his own farm. So far, all signs point toward Tripp sharing his dad’s dream—he has recently taken to the family business in his own small way on his very own tractor rig.