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Toby Oesterling, our Sales Coordinator at our Batesville location, takes you through a day in her life.

Having worked with Giesting Financial for close to a decade, I’m well-versed in our daily operations, and I typically know what needs to be taken care of around the office. That means while my job title is “Sales Coordinator,” I often move around and fill in where I’m needed. I usually start my day by performing my back-office duties, which can include reviewing meeting dictations, taking notes for clients and advisors to use when creating financial plans, assigning tasks or workflows to the appropriate staff, and saving documents to clients’ files. I also track all new business and transactions for both accuracy and completion, ensuring all necessary information has been gathered and business can proceed as intended. If not, it’s my job to monitor for errors and make corrections if necessary.

I also work directly with clients to help them set up online accounts, giving them the power to track the performance of their investments and other products we include in a plan. I love that side of my job because it gives me insight into the clients, their goals and their personal lives. I get to see how they utilize our services to find confidence in a plan of action, and knowing we’re here to make a difference in their lives and their futures means the world to me. It also connects me to a universe of people I otherwise might not know about. I’ve made so many friends in this industry, and I think it’s because it is a more personal business. I also think it’s because of the job our advisors do. They make the entire process feel so personal and rewarding, and with the importance of money for those looking to bring their dreams to life, it’s no wonder it becomes more than just a professional relationship.

I’m also responsible for processing and tracking all trade requests for new and existing business, as well as all the notarizations for the office. Essentially, I’m the first line of defense as well as the last. It’s my job to ensure that each piece of paperwork is properly filled out, and I’m responsible for getting it to the proper destination. While some of that paperwork may go to professional partners, insurance carriers, or other offices and places, it still lives in our system, and it’s my duty to update our database. This gives our team at Giesting Financial a better chance to serve you over the course of not just a few transactions, but decades. We want to create s long-term partnership with you and see you graduate through the various stages of life, and having a documented history of your financial picture gives us a better chance to do that.

My favorite part about working for Giesting Financial is working together as a team to make sure we stay on track and uphold our values and promises to our clients. I’ve been in banking and financial services for nearly three decades, but I don’t think I’ve ever believed in and gelled with a team the way I have with our current staff and leadership. To me, we’re effortlessly functional because we have a chemistry that lets us transition our jobs so smoothly. We have also established a pattern of communication that keeps our clients updated on the status of their accounts, paperwork and transactions, and I believe that empowers them to continue working toward their goals.

When I’m not working with our advisors and clients to make sure we’re functioning at peak efficiency, you might find me helping the rest of our staff implement changes in compliance, processes and procedures. This is a fast-paced industry, and things change so quickly. We take great pride in adapting to any circumstances we’re presented with. I also consider myself both creative and logical, so if I can think of a way to develop our business or track our growth, I go over my ideas with the rest of our team. We like to make sure each person is heard and considered before making a change, and if we believe it can take our company and our clients to the next level, we work to bring it to life.

When it’s all said and done, this is a business based on people. As I mentioned, I float and take on new roles depending on what is necessary, but my main goal is always to provide the best customer service I can. If I can field your questions, resolve your issues and give you any sort of peace of mind, I feel that my job is complete. I’m always excited to interact with you, whether you’re a new client or I’ve known you since I first started with Giesting Financial, and I always look forward to developing our relationship and seeing it blossom into a beautiful friendship.

If you ever have any questions about how we can help you reach your goals, pick up the phone and give us a call at Giesting Financial in Batesville, Indiana: (812) 933-1791. I’m here to help you in any way I can, and I’m always ready to find a solution.