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The warm weather is here, and all eyes are on the coast. Here are the five best beaches to visit this summer.

The weather and the water are getting warmer, and we’re ready to jump into the summer! Around this time of the year, we naturally start thinking about the beach, but with so many beautiful beaches in the United States, it can be tough to decide which one to go to. That’s why we’re helping you narrow it down to the five best spots to visit this summer. Grab your swimsuit, your flip flops and your volleyball. We’re about to hit the beach!

Coronado Beach (San Diego, CA)

Dropped right into one of the most desirable cities in the entire country, Coronado Beach checks every single box when looking for the perfect summer destination. With gorgeous white sand and crystal blue water, Coronado is a treat for anyone who enjoys hanging out on the coast. Perfect for surfers, swimmers and sunbathers, it also provides some of the most incredible views either from the shoreline or atop perched vantage points. It’s also set just a short distance away from the historic Gaslamp Quarter, letting visitors get their nightlife and shopping fix while in the area. Coronado Beach should be at the top or near the top of beaches you simply must get to this summer.

Clearwater Beach (Clearwater, FL)

Shifting nearly 2,500 miles to the east, our next stop is Clearwater Beach in beautiful and sunny Clearwater, Florida. As you might have been able to guess from the name, Clearwater Beach treats visitors to clear, blue waters and warm, soft, sandy shores. It’s also a top contender for the best place to take in a sunset, and the colors set the perfect backdrop for an active and engaged nightlife. Be sure to try a new restaurant, as there are plenty to choose from, almost all of which offer unique, different options that will keep you coming back for a fresh taste of the ocean.

Coligny Beach Park (Hilton Head, SC)

One of the more active beaches on the list, Coligny Beach Park has something for everyone. In addition to the gorgeous waters and perfectly manicured beaches, there’s no better place to rent a bike and ride along the trails all day long. It also has breathtaking hiking trails that can take you through nearly any type of terrain, giving Coligny Beach Park a versatility that you may not be able to get from other destinations. Delicious restaurants and luxurious shops are also within walking distance, giving you the opportunity to jump right into the environment and partake in nightlife festivities that occur no matter when you go.

Kapalua Bay Beach (Maui, HI)

This list of beaches you absolutely must check out this summer would be far from complete without an entry from Hawaii, and though there is no shortage of options, our pick is Kapalua Bay Beach in Maui. Just as you might imagine, it has everything. With the almost prototypical crescent shape that you might picture in your perfect Hawaiian dream, the beach and waters are unmatched in an awe-inspiring tropical environment. Be sure to see the unbelievable wildlife you can encounter, like sea turtles and eels, as you surf, paddleboard and kayak your way through the water. It’s also a hotspot for golf, dining and shopping, giving you one home for all of the best Hawaii has to offer.

Race Point Beach (Provincetown, MA)

Finishing off our trip around the best United States beaches is Race Point Beach in Provincetown, Massachusetts. One of the most essential stops in the Cape Cod area, Race Point Beach offers visitors everything they might go to the beach in the Northeast for. Endless soft sand? Check. Lighthouses? Check. Beautiful, cottage-style houses? Check. All finished off with astonishing sunsets after a day of whale watching, Race Point is just a few miles from downtown Provincetown, giving visitors even more outlets for food and fun. It’s a must-see for those who love the Northeast or just being on or near the water.