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The weather’s getting warmer, and there’s no better way to cool down than with a sweet frozen treat! Here are our top 10 flavors of ice cream. 

The number of ice cream flavors that have been conceived since the dawn of time is uncountable, spawning a heated, or ice cold, debate about which one is the best. Well, as the weather gets warmer and ice cream becomes more necessary to stay cool, we think it’s time to end the battle with an unquestionable, undisputable list of the top 10 flavors of all time, finally crowning a deserving champion and putting all other arguments to bed. So, grab a spoon because whether you’re having it in a cup or a cone, we’re about to dish up the truth about ice cream.

  1. Butter Pecan

An absolute southern treat, butter pecan ice cream gives you the best of both worlds. Sweet and savory, the butter-roasted pecans pair with vanilla ice cream so perfectly, giving fans of the frozen dessert a nice crunch to match the creaminess of the vanilla. Always a crowd pleaser, there’s no doubt that our favorite baking nut goes well with the most popular dessert.

  1. Coffee

A little bit of an underdog in the fight for the top spot, coffee ice cream doesn’t always get the respect it has so dutifully earned. The flavor is just classic, and though it’s usually reserved for those trying to get up and go in the morning, it makes for a delicious bowl of ice cream. Sweet and creamy with a slight bitterness offered by this household staple, it’s complete without any additions or mix-ins.

  1. Birthday Cake

Once again stealing from a completely different treat that typically stands alone, birthday cake ice cream just seems and feels so right. When we turn to ice cream, whether it’s to pick us up or to celebrate, we want sweetness. That’s where birthday cake delivers, often served with colorful sprinkles and maybe even chunks of that delicious cake, turning into a cooler version of its baked counterpart.

  1. Rocky Road

The kitchen sink of modern ice cream flavors, rocky road has something to offer everyone. Whether you simply like the chocolate base or you’re into the extra flavors tacked on by the almonds or marshmallows, rocky road delivers every single time. Just be sure that your rocky road has real marshmallows, giving it a better, more well-rounded flavor and texture profile.

  1. Cookie Dough

For those who directly disobeyed their mom’s orders and have been caught with their hands in the cookie dough bowl, this flavor is for you. With endless gobs of cookie dough and delicious chocolate chips to round it out, this is one of the more addictive flavors, and even more, one that will have you pointing out which part of the tub you’d like your scoop to come from.

  1. Strawberry

We understand if you were hoping strawberry would come in higher than No. 5, but trust us, there’s no lack of love for this essential ice cream flavor. Furthermore, it’s nearly unmatched in its importance to ice cream, both past and future. A fruity and delicious treat, it’s usually better with chunks of delectable, fresh berries, but in any case, it’s the quintessential summertime delicacy.

  1. Cookies n’ Cream

Now is where things start to get exciting. Maybe the crowd gets more vocal. Maybe fists come out. Either way, cookies n’ cream is sticking at No. 4 with its legendary combination of sandwich cookies and ice cream. Everyone knows an Oreo is best dipped in milk, and cookies n’ cream takes that to the next level. Creamy but also chunky and crunchy, it’s more than worthy of its high placement.

  1. Mint Chocolate Chip

Oftentimes served up green, mint chocolate chip ice cream is almost universally beloved. It offers the warmth of the mint flavor with a sweetness that pairs so well with the chocolate, potentially making it ice cream’s most dangerous duo. With just a little bit of edge from both the color and the flavor, there’s no doubt that mint chip is the coolest and freshest flavor behind the ice cream counter.

  1. Vanilla

Where would we be without vanilla ice cream? We might still be stuck in an ice cream spiral without any variation and without so many of the flavors we hold near and dear to our hearts. We understand that some may think it’s plain, but does any ice cream fan actually dislike vanilla? It even earned a name for being delicious on other desserts (à-la-mode) while still being a winner when served all by its lonesome.

  1. Chocolate

Here it is. Tossing all challengers aside and defending its rightful throne is chocolate, the greatest ice cream flavor to ever exist. Is it universally adored? No, but which GOAT is? Chocolate always comes to play with its rich and sweet flavor, seemingly offering something surprising yet addictive at every turn, even helping us produce serotonin. Thank you, chocolate, for being as reliable as you are undeniable.